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Yoyo Icon Cowardly Flame Sprite Yoyo
Rarity 2★
Cost 4
Class Warrior
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Very Fast (300 Base EXP)
Growth Type Late
  Attack HP
Level 1 740 700
Level 30 2400 2400
Level 50 3800 3800
Affiliation Maze Pass
Job Fighter


Skill Flame Slash (Mana: 1)
Deal light flame damage to one enemy within dashing range.
4x Damage.


Ability Freeze Resistance
◆ Immune to freeze.
Chain Ability Freeze Resistance - Cost: 1
◆ Immune to freeze.


Profile A flame sprite child living in the mountains south of Maze Pass. A scaredy-cat crybaby, at first sight of danger she trembles and cries, but tends to produce massive flames with each tear. The power of her flames makes her unexpectedly effective in combat.
Voice Maaya Uchida
Illustrator ebila


Voice Lines
Sample "Stay away from me!"


How to Obtain
Normal Recruit
Demon Recruit
Flame Sprite Colony - The Spark of Battle

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