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Yotta-Yotta Icon Household Servant Yotta-Yotta
Rarity 1★
Cost 2
Class Magician
Weapon Magic
Growth Rate Very Fast (300 Base EXP)
Growth Type Late
  Attack HP
Level 1 600 360
Level 20 1580 800
Level 40 2980 2200
Affiliation Maze Pass
Job Magician


Skill Petite Flame (Mana: 1)
"Is this good?"
Temporarily add flame elemental to all allies' attacks.
Lasts 20 seconds.


Chain Ability Confidant - Cost: 1
Attack power rises during combat.
Attack power increases by 6%.


Profile A flame sprite child living in the mountain south of Maze Pass. Wanting to help with the world in trouble, he leaves his home and begins helping out at a blacksmith's. Starting the fires everyday for smithing good weapons has given him skill rivaling a human mage, but he doesn't seem to notice.
Voice Maaya Uchida
Illustrator nunohito


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Normal Recruit

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