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Yoshikage (Super Rare)

Yoshikage (Super Rare) Icon Second Territory War Ogre Yoshikage
Rarity 4★
Cost 13
Class Warrior
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
Growth Type Normal
  Attack HP
Level 1 1680 1700
Level 50 5560 5600
Level 70 7360 7400
Affiliation Nine Territories of Fire
Job Master Fencer


Skill One-Man Army (Mana: 2)
"I love it! Gimme more!"
Deal moderate damage to one enemy in front of Yoshikage.
9.5x Damage.


Ability Fighting Passion
◆ Boost all Nine Territories of Fire allies' attack power when on the battlefield.
◆ Attack power rises when facing a boss wave.
The carnage-seeking blood that runs in the family reveals itself when facing tough foes.
Attack power increases by 5% for all Nine Territories of Fire allies when on the battlefield.
Attack power increases by 30% when facing a boss wave.
Ogre's Spirit
◆ Boost all warrior allies' attack power and movement speed when on the battlefield. However, this has no effect on the ability-holder.
The aura of a fighting ogre can set any soul ablaze.
Attack power increases by 5% and movement speed increases by 30% for all warrior allies other than the ability-holder when on the battlefield.
Chain Ability War Ogre's Spirit - Cost: 3
◆ Attack power and movement speed rise while in combat.
Attack power increases by 9% and movement speed increases by 15%.


Profile Younger brother of Yoshitsugu, lord of the Second Territory of Fire. Unlike his weak yet brilliant brother, Yoshikage is brutal and brash at the front lines. As his elder brother is so weak, he usually leads the ogres of the Second Territory onto the field of battle.
Voice Jun Fukuyama
Illustrator Kaoru Hagiya


Voice Lines
Sample "I'll make sure my older brother never needs to struggle."


How to Obtain
White Day Festival
Nine Territories of Fire Tavern Recruit

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