Various weapons exists in Chain Chronicle, they can be obtained a variety of sources such as quests, events and chest drops. Each weapon has stat points divided between attack, critical strike, defense and abilities for high level weapons, these points will boost the weapon user's strength. Weapons can be enhanced by weapon enhancements which yield varying amounts of points depending on their rarity. Weapon ranks range from C up to A, with each rank increasing skill points and abilities available. Evolving a weapon requires the previous rank to be present. A weapon can be evolved to the same rank or one rank higher.

Weapon Types
Icon Type Primarily used by Types of Weapon
Blade Forger Icon Blades Warriors, Knights, and Runefencers Slashing Weapons
Club Forger Icon Clubs Warriors and Knights Blunt Weapons
Spear Forger Icon Spears Warriors, Knights, and Runefencers Stabbing Weapons
Bow Forger Icon Bows Archers Bows
Magic Forger Icon Magic Magicians Staves and Wands
Holy Forger Icon Holy Clerics Rods and Canes
Fist Forger Icon Fist Soldiers Gloves and Objects
Pistol Forger Icon Pistol Archers Handguns and Small Firearms
Rifle Forger Icon Rifle Archers Rifles and Large Firearms

Stat PointsEdit

Each point in a stat causes a specific increase in the Arcana's stats, however, it can currently only be viewed when the Arcana is a reinforcement.

Stat Effect
Attack Attack Stat increases by 100 for each point.
Attack+ Attack Stat increases by 130 for each point.
Critical Critical hit rate increases by 0.5% for each point.
Defense Damage taken decreases by 10 for each point.
Fire Rate Attack interval shortens by ? seconds for each point.
Movement Movement speed increases by ?% for each point.
Ability Adds the Weapon Ability to the User.

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