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Story Arcana Quests


Ruto Icon Aspiring Hero Ruto
Rarity 2★
Cost 5
Class Warrior
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Very Fast (300 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 1200 1200
Level 30 3000 2560
Level 50 4400 3960
Affiliation Land of Ephemerality
Job Accept


Skill Brave Sever (Mana: 1)
"I'm so cool!"
Deal light damage (6x) to one enemy in front of the user.
Teachable Brave Sever (Mana: 1)
Deal light damage (6x) to one enemy in front of the user.


Ability Positive Thinking
◆ Attack power (50%) and defense power (20%) rise when blinded/poisoned/slowed.
Chain Ability Footwear Recommendation - Cost: 1
◆ Movement speed (20%) rises.


A 4-year-old boy from the Land of Ephemerality, whose people are known to only survive to up to 10 years old. Because of their feeling that their own destinies are short, they try to live their short lives to the fullest, and always think they're nearing their deaths. He wishes to die like a hero whose story he read from a book.
Voice Hikaru Midorikawa
Illustrator 照井梢


Voice Lines
Sample "Argh, it got me! ...Am I cool yet?"


How to Obtain
Fleeting Fortress - The Offense of the Earth and Sky