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Raheem Icon The Unwithering One Raheem
Rarity 3★
Cost 8
Class Knight
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Slow (1000 Base EXP)
Growth Type Early
  Attack HP
Level 1 1650 1900
Level 40 4300 4400
Level 60 5900 6000
Affiliation Lake of Sand
Job Guard


Skill Blinding Sword (Mana: 1)
Deal moderate damage to one enemy in front of you and inflict blind.
5x Damage.


Ability Sandy Combat
Attack power and movement speed rise, and damage taken falls when fighting on sand.
Attack power and movement speed increase by 30% and damage taken decreases by 20%.
Chain Ability Desert Wisdom - Cost: 2
Attack power rises and damage taken falls when fighting on sand.


An old man who once served the royal family of the Lake of Sand as a general. He retired due to age, but his swordsmanship is as good as it ever was. Worried over the royal family, he acts to aid them from the shadows.
Voice Akira Ishida
Illustrator nabe


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
All Recruits (After Lake of Sand is unlocked)