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Paloma Icon Forest Sprite Child Paloma
Rarity 5★
Cost 14
Class Archer
Weapon Bow
Growth Rate Fast (500 Base EXP)
Growth Type Normal
  Attack HP
Level 1 2300 1100
Level 60 5240 3000
Level 80 7240 5000
Affiliation Soul Island
Job Archer


Skill Primavera (Mana: 1)
"Now, hold still."
Deal light damage to one enemy in Paloma's row and inflict slow.
5x Damage.


Ability Treatment - Requires: A Wonderful Partner
Restore the HP of the ally with the lowest HP at the beginning of each wave.
Restore 20% of ally's HP.
Guardian Beast Search - Requires: That's Love
You just know that if you work hard, today will be the day you meet your ultimate companion! Gain more experience from battles. Paloma's unique ability.
Gain 15% more character experience.
Chain Ability Blessing of the Forest - Cost: 3
Gain more experience from battles.
Gain 10% more character experience.


An archer of the Sea Breeze tribe. One of the few forest sprite children, not even twenty years old. Friendly with the beasts of the forest she speaks with them all day long. The Sea Breeze get blessings from guarding beasts, receiving the totems (pelts) in special ceremonies, but she has not yet gained a guardian.
Voice Maaya Uchida
Illustrator Taira Akitsu


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Normal/Challenge Recruit