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Story Arcana Quests

Mimi (Original)

Mimi (Original) Icon Defense Council Leader Mimi
Rarity 5★
Cost 17
Class Warrior
Weapon Blunt
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
Growth Type Normal
  Attack HP
Level 1 2300 2500
Level 60 6370 6750
Level 80 8370 8750
Affiliation Vice Capital
Job Smith


Skill Rush Job (Mana: 2)
"Leave it to me..."
Temporarily create an area that prevents movement and deals moderate damage to anyone within the area while under construction.
Deals 6000 damage. Lasts 16 seconds.


Ability Defensive Awareness - Requires: The Architect
◆ Damage taken falls when HP is 50% or less.
Damage taken decreases by 10% when HP is 50% or less.
Barricade Builder - Requires: The Architect's Oath
◆ Restore own HP at the start of each wave.
◆ Damage taken falls as waves advance.
Her own sturdiness is aided by her trusty building techniques.
Restore 10% of own HP each wave.
Damage taken decreases by 2% each wave for a maximum of 50%.
Chain Ability Unyielding Architect - Cost: 4
◆ Attack power rises and damage taken falls when on street terrain.
Attack power increases by 20% and damage taken decreases by 20% when on street terrain.


A woman serving as leader of the Vice Capital's defense council. Really she just likes building things, and due to that, she became the council leader. To protect the town outside the castle, she built a maze of fortifications. Even in these terrible conditions, she continues to enjoy the fact that she can keep building more and more structures.
Voice Kotori Koiwai
Illustrator Tomohito


Voice Lines
Sample "I'm just doing my job."


How to Obtain
Rescue Party Festival
Vice Capital Tavern Recruit