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Marga Icon Wandering Explorer Marga
Rarity 2★
Cost 4
Class Warrior
Weapon Blunt
Growth Rate Fast (500 Base EXP)
Growth Type Normal
  Attack HP
Level 1 830 780
Level 30 2230 2280
Level 50 3730 3680
Affiliation Maze Pass
Job Fighter


Skill Searing Slice (Mana: 1)
"Don't think, just feel."
Deal light flame damage (4x) to one enemy in front of the user.
Teachable Searing Slice (Mana: 1)
Deal light flame damage (4x) to one enemy in front of the user.


Ability Cavern Combat
◆ Attack power (60%), defense power (20%), and movement speed (40%) rise when on caves/ruins terrain.
Chain Ability Lantern - Cost: 1
◆ Attack power (10%) and defense power (5%) rise when on caves/ruins terrain.


A female earth sprite. Unaffiliated with a tribe, she is one of the nomads who roam the caverns of the Maze Pass. A trained warrior, she used to work as a bodyguard, but wishing to become a better explorer, she started surveying caves and guiding other tribes traveling the caverns.
Voice Saki Hoshino
Illustrator Taiki


Voice Lines
Sample "You shouldn't rely solely on what you can see."


How to Obtain
Flame Sprite Colony – The Spark of Battle
Evergreen Springs – Scaly Lizard Extermination
Military Cape – Arms of Red and Blue