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Lynda Icon Earth Sprite Warrior Lynda
Rarity 2★
Cost 4
Class Warrior
Weapon Blunt
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
Growth Type Early
  Attack HP
Level 1 800 800
Level 30 2300 2300
Level 50 3700 3700
Affiliation Maze Pass
Job Warrior


Skill Daze Press (Mana: 2)
"I'll break 'em!"
Deal light damage to one enemy in front of Lynda and inflict daze.
4x Damage.


Ability Positive Thinking
◆ Attack power rises and damage taken falls when blinded/poisoned/slowed.
Attack power increases by 50% and damage taken decreases by 20% when blinded/poisoned/slowed.
Chain Ability Perfect Condition - Cost: 1
◆ Attack power rises when suffering from blind/poison/slow.
Attack power increases by 10% when blinded/poisoned/slowed.


A warrior of the earth sprites dwelling in the southern Maze Pass. Earth sprite females continue to look young even as they age, so her real age is well into adulthood. …That said, her spiritual age matches her looks. She doesn’t sweat details. Hearing that it was warm where the Black Army was fighting, she travels to the battlefield.
Voice Maaya Uchida
Illustrator Inagaki


Voice Lines
Sample "I'll take 'em all out in one go."


How to Obtain
Normal Recruit
Demon Recruit
North Colony - Attack of the Flaming Skull