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Laura Icon Military Family Daughter Laura
Rarity 5★
Cost 17
Class Knight
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Average (750 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2200 2500
Level 60 6500 7400
Level 80 8500 9400
Affiliation Traveler
Job Fencer
Unique Weapon Braver II Icon Braver II


Skill Justice: Brave Sword Dance (Mana: 3)
"Behold the swordsmanship of the Arseid family."
[Combo] Deal two blows of light damage to one enemy in front of Laura, then deal heavy damage to all surrounding enemies.
3x Damage for light damage, 10x Damage for heavy.


Ability M Brave Quartz
She is capable of using the state-of-the-art orb "ARCUS," a special quartz. Attack power and critical hit rate rise while in combat. Laura's unique ability.
Attack power increases by 5% and critical hit rate increases by 20%.
Crushing Blade & Brave Wings
Her spirit improves her power, allowing her to tear through even the toughest armor with one cut. Normal attacks sometimes inflict daze. Also, attack power rises and damage taken falls at the start of each wave if HP is 50% or more. Laura's unique ability.
Attack power increases by 6% for a maximum of 100% and movement speed increases by 2.5% for a maximum of ?%.
Chain Ability True Crushing Blade - Cost: 4
Attack power rises while in combat, and deal more damage to enemies suffering from daze.
Attack power increases by 6%. Deal 30% more damage to dazed enemies.


The daughter of the prestigious Arseid family's viscount. Her father personally taught her the family's signature fighting style, which uses a heavy blade to perform sweeping strikes at will. She's very ambitious and hard working, so she continues to try to improve herself.
Voice Mariya Ise
Illustrator Nihon Falcom


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II Collaboration Festival