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Jibril (Holy Night)

Jibril (Holy Night) Icon Black Death Devil Jibril
Rarity 5★
Cost 18
Class Warrior
Weapon Fist
Growth Rate Fast (500 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2400 1800
Level 60 7400 7000
Level 80 9400 9000
Affiliation Lake of Sand
Job Devil
Unique Weapon Icon Claw of Black Death


Skill Iblis Erosion (Mana: 2)
"This is... evil at its truest!"
Deal moderate damage (8x) to all enemies at the vanguard and knock them back.
Teachable Teachable (Mana: Unknown)
Teachable New Generation
"Hahahah, this is a human's power..!"
This New Generation character can learn a skill from any Old Generation Warrior.


Ability Holy Night Devil
◆ Immune to freeze.
◆ Restore own HP (25%) at the start of each wave.
◆ Attack power (35%) and defense power (5%) rise when in front of two or more allies.
A devil who spreads disease to bring the world into chaos and destruction.
Plague Queen
◆ More likely to gain two (6.5%) or more (2%) mana from mana slots.
◆ Attack power (10%) and movement speed (30%) rise for a limited time (40s) upon gaining warrior mana.
◆ Gradually restore HP (2%/3s) and defense power (15%) rises for a limited time (40s) upon gaining cleric mana.
Hahaha! Fear our power and despair!!
Party Ability
◆ Attack power (60%) rises when on the battlefield with a cleric ally.
Chain Ability Devil's Laughter - Cost: 4
◆ More likely to gain two (3%) or more (1%) mana from mana slots.


The Devil that spreads disease all over humanity in the world. She's known to be both hideous and beautiful at the same time.
Voice Mariya Ise
Illustrator Silver


Voice Lines
Sample "Hahahah, I'm the Devil who brings Black Death! I'm the Queen of a Plague of Chaos and Destruction!"
Affection Level Up "Hm... perhaps I'll use you as my slave."


How to Obtain
A Holy Night in the Desert Support Festival