Imagine taking the best parts of a Role Playing Game, then mixing it up with line defense gaming mechanics. Then put it in a mobile gaming package with a lovely anime aesthetic. That is Chain Chronicle in a nutshell.

After going through the tutorial, players then get to choose which side quests they participate in via the map screen. Players need to set up the right team to defend their territory against waves of enemies. These range from the undead to killer dragons.

After setting up your party, they are placed on a 3x3 grid, facing left. Enemies will start coming from the left, so it is up to you to direct your units to attack them head-on before they reach the defense line.

If an enemy reaches the defense line, the battle is lost.

To move your units, tap and slide the character you wish to move in any direction. You can also slide your units toward the enemies and outside of the 3x3 grid. You are not limited to just the 3x3 grid; you can move your units all across the playing field. Your units will automatically attack enemies within their range. Some classes only attack up close, while others can attack from a set distance.

Special Skills

Your units can also pull off Special Skills, which are unique class-based attacks that either destroy the enemy with a super move or buff your team exponentially. At the start of each wave, the Mana Slot will automatically roll; you can choose to either stop it manually or let it halt by itself. Depending on which Mana they get, each unit can expend one or more Mana to pull off their Special Skills.

You can also chain Special Skills together by using the Special Skills of different units consecutively. Doing this will add a boost to your Special Skill’s attack, heal or buff. Achieve a Max Chain by using the Special Skills for 5 different units. However, re-using the skill from the same unit will break the chain.


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