How do I unlock character quests?Edit

Recruit a "New" unit from Normal Recruit, or Tavern recruits. You can also find new character by completing "Free" quests. Additionally, some character quests might need the unit to be at a certain level to unlock it.

What are Chain Quests?Edit

Certain characters such as Loretta have a Chain Quest. They are side stories in which some characters will be powered up when you enter battle with them. You can get a 5-star Phoena by completing 1, 4, 7, 10, and 12 Chain Quest stories.

Which tavern should I pull from?Edit

All taverns are unique, and it's up to you. Vice Capital has an even balance between each class, Holy Capital focuses on Knights and Clerics, Sage's Tower focuses on Wizards, Lake of Sand focuses on Dancers, Soul Island focuses on Archers, and Nine Territories of Fire focuses on Soldiers.

How do I get gold / Level up units fast?Edit

Daily Quests give you enhancers to fuse to your units, the Enhancers give more experience than fusing anything else.

Which stage is the best place to Rank?Edit

Sage's Tower > Tower of Might - Fruits of Research, gives the most EXP AP wise (66.67 Exp per 1AP), and also a good way to stock up on Arcana Coins. Nine Territories' "Preliminary Contest" is also a good place to grind for character EXP.

Does this ability work in the Sub-Party?Edit

Unless the ability states that it works in the sub-party, the ability is only active when that ally is on the battlefield.

Why does the amount of gold I get from a quest different from that listed here?Edit

The gold reward of a quest listed on this wiki doesn't include any bonuses such as the "No Casualties" bonus. If you achieve all three bonuses, then you will get the gold bonus listed here plus 50% more gold. If you have a character in your party that can boost gold, you will naturally get more gold.