The Demon Raid is a recurring limited time event where you have the chance to go up against a strong boss that progressively gets stronger each time you beat them (you progress a level each time you win). The event yields great rewards, an event specific recruit, and even multiple opportunities to acquire the Arcana of the Demon themselves (5☆). To initiate a fight with the Demon you must complete any quest of your choice, until you are prompted with a special screen. This chance is really high and usually only takes 1-2 quests for the encounter. After the encounter you have up to one hour to defeat the demon.


Your friends may also send you aid requests, allowing you to participate in fighting Demons they discovered.



Souls (not AP) are the form of energy required to fight the Demon. The Demon Raid screen will show the number of Souls remaining, and time to replenishment.Souls replenish every 30 minutes, and you can hold a maximum of three. Souls can also be fully replenished with Vigor Fruits (available at Prysma Shop as part of a bundle, or as reward after certain levels of Demons conquered), or 10 Prysma. Souls will also replenish when you rank up. You can choose to enter a Demon fight spending one or three Souls. You have 90 seconds to fight if spending one soul; spending three gives you 200 seconds, and Pirika delivers Mana more frequently.


Once the fight begins, it is similar to any other quests, with the Demon itself as the boss. There are a few differences from a standard quest:

  • If you run out of time, you ask your friends to help battle the Demon.
  • Only the demon must be defeated during the quest.
  • If you cannot defeat the Demon in one run, you can make another run for it, but you have to face the preceding mob waves all over again, however the HP the Demon lost in previous battles will not be replenished. The Demon Raid screen will also show the remaining HP of each Demon you can fight.
  • If you get wiped or infiltrated before time runs out, you have the option to use a revival fruit just like a regular quest. Reviving adds 10 seconds on the time limit, revives any defeated characters, restores all of the player's characters' HP, and gives you 5 Mana to use.
  • Your team does not gain EXP for defeating the Demon, but the demon will drop a chest labeled "spoils" which may provide various rewards.

Rampaging DemonEdit

A rampaging demon has a small chance of appearing from Levels 50 and above. It's significantly more powerful than a standard demon fight, but you can fight them as much as you want provided the time limit hasn't ended without any souls being used.

Upon the defeat of a rampaging demon, all participating players receive 3000 Demon Coins and a random reward based on the demon defeated. The rewards for each demon can be seen below.

Demon CoinsEdit

Demon Coins collected during Demon Raids can be used in a special recruit (at the rate of 200 per recruit) in much the same way as Arcana Coin recruit. The pool includes 1-3☆. Arcanas, Enhancers and Weapons, and the Demon herself. Once a Demon is conquered, the player who discovered her, as well as any players who participated in defeating her, are rewarded Demon Coins. The amount is based on the formula below:

Discovery Reward 100+Lv X 2 Participation Reward 100+Lv X 4

Demon Coins disappear during the end of a Demon Raid event.


Demon Raids
Kataris Icon 1. Kataris Attacks! Colopatiron Icon 2. Colopatiron Attacks! Ael Glun Icon 3. Ael Glun Attacks!
Armilus Icon 4. Armilus Attacks! Akatsuki Icon 5. An Unworldly Demon Attacks! Sabrus Icon 6. Sabrus Attacks!
Rasphuia Icon 7. Rasphuia Attacks! Hatiphas Icon 8. Hatiphas Attacks! Agudara Icon 9. Agudara Attacks!
Wilbell Icon 10. An Odd Demon Attacks! Monokuma Icon 11. Monokuma Attacks! Phlogabitus Icon 12. Phlogabitus Attacks!
Tablibik Icon 13. Tablibik Attacks! Alphun Icon 14. Alphun Attacks! Tacritan Icon 15. Tacritan Attacks!
Rosabis Icon 16. Rosabis Attacks! Kirika (Event) Icon 17. A Runaway Dragon Attacks! Rorona (Ultra Rare) Icon 18. Rorona Attacks?!
Zuphlas Icon 19. Zuphlas Attacks! Hahab Icon 20. Hahab Attacks! Razanil Icon 21. Razanil Attacks!
Sukuroron Icon 22. Sukuroron Attacks! Zarobi Icon 23. Zarobi Attacks! Tukiphat Icon 24. Tukiphat Attacks!
Suphlatus Icon 25. Suphlatus Attacks! Pharzuph Icon 26. Pharzuph Attacks! Eirnilus Icon 27. Eirnilus Attacks!
Zalburis Icon 28. Zalburis Attacks! Mizkun Icon 29. Mizkun Attacks! Bucaphi Icon 30. Bucaphi Attacks!
Schachljl Icon 31. Schachljl Attacks! Camaysar Icon 32. Camaysar Attacks! Mastho Icon 33. Mastho Attacks!
Demons Weapons Weaknesses
Mastho Icon Abyssal Tiger Sword Icon Vasileia Icon Icon Haruaki (Version 3) Icon Touka (Version 3) Icon
Level 12345678
Reward Prysma1 Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin500 Vigor Fruit1 Prysma1 Demon Coin500 Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin500
Level 910111213141516
Reward Vigor Fruit1 Prysma1 Demon Coin500 Vigor Fruit1 Prysma1 Demon Coin500 Prysma1 Vigor Fruit1
Level 1718192021222324
Reward Demon Coin1000 All4 Icon1 Vigor Fruit1 Prysma1 Demon Coin1000 Stamina Fruit1 Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin1000
Level 2526272829303132
Reward Prysma1 All4 Icon1 Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin1000 All4 Icon1 Mastho Icon All4 Icon1 Blue Potion2
Level 3334353637383940
Reward Gold10000 Vigor Fruit1 Prysma1 All4 Icon1 Vigor Fruit1 Recruit Token50 Gold10000 Prysma1
Level 4142434445464748
Reward Stamina Fruit1 Demon Coin1000 Vigor Fruit1 Blue Potion2 Prysma1 All4 Icon1 Vigor Fruit1 Recruit Token50
Level 4950515253545556
Reward All4 Icon1 Prysma1 Demon Coin1000 Vigor Fruit1 All4 Icon1 Blue Potion2 Revival Fruit1 Vigor Fruit1
Level 5758596061626364
Reward Gold10000 Recruit Token50 Vigor Fruit1 Mastho Icon Blue Potion3 Demon Coin2000 All Forger Icon1 Vigor Fruit1
Level 6566676869707172
Reward Recruit Token50 All Forger Icon1 Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin2000 All Forger Icon1 Prysma1 Demon Coin2000 Vigor Fruit1
Level 7374757677787980
Reward All Forger Icon1 Blue Potion3 Recruit Token50 Vigor Fruit1 All Forger Icon1 Demon Coin2000 Gold10000 Prysma1
Level 8182838485868788
Reward Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin2000 Revival Fruit1 All Forger Icon1 Recruit Token50 Demon Coin2000 Gold10000 Vigor Fruit1
Level 8990919293949596
Reward Blue Potion3 Prysma1 Revival Fruit1 Vigor Fruit1 All4 Icon1 Demon Coin2000 Recruit Token50 Blue Potion3
Level 979899100101102103104
Reward Vigor Fruit1 Stamina Fruit1 Gold10000 Mastho Icon Sacrilegious Ember Icon Blue Potion3 Revival Fruit1 Recruit Token50
Level 105106107108109110111112
Reward Demon Coin3000 Golden Potion1 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Recruit Token50 Vigor Fruit1 Demon Coin3000 Blue Potion3 Rusty Sword Icon1
Level 113114115116117118119120
Reward Golden Potion1 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Recruit Token50 Revival Fruit1 Golden Potion1 Rusty Sword Icon1 Blue Potion3 Prysma2
Level 121122123124125126127128
Reward Recruit Token50 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Blue Potion3 Golden Potion1 Demon Coin3000 Revival Fruit1 Blue Potion3 Rusty Bow Icon1
Level 129130131132133134135136
Reward Recruit Token50 Golden Potion1 Recruit Token100 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Blue Potion3 Vigor Fruit1 Recruit Token100 All4 Icon1
Level 137138139140141142143144
Reward Demon Coin3000 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Blue Potion3 Prysma2 Golden Potion1 Vigor Fruit1 Recruit Token100 Rusty Axe Icon1
Level 145146147148149150151152
Reward Blue Potion3 Revival Fruit1 Demon Coin4000 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Recruit Token100 Abyssal Tiger Sword Icon All4 Icon1 Blue Potion3
Level 153154155156157158159160
Reward Rusty Spear Icon1 Golden Potion1 Demon Coin4000 Abyss Crystal1 Revival Fruit1 Recruit Token100 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Prysma2
Level 161162163164165166167168
Reward Blue Potion5 Rusty Sword Icon1 Demon Coin4000 Rusty Bow Icon1 Golden Potion2 Recruit Token100 All4 Icon1 Blue Potion5
Level 169170171172173174175176
Reward Sacrilegious Ember Icon Demon Coin5000 Recruit Token100 All4 Icon1 Blue Potion5 Rusty Wand Icon1 Golden Potion2 Sacrilegious Ember Icon
Level 177178179180181182183184
Reward Demon Coin5000 All4 Icon1 Blue Potion10 Prysma5 Recruit Token100 Revival Fruit1 Golden Potion2 Sacrilegious Ember Icon
Level 185186187188189190191192
Reward Blue Potion10 Demon Coin5000 Rusty Axe Icon1 Blue Potion10 All4 Icon1 Golden Potion2 Recruit Token100 Rusty Sword Icon1
Level 193194195196197198199200
Reward Golden Potion2 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Chronicle Tower Key1 Blue Potion10 All4 Icon1 Sacrilegious Ember Icon Golden Potion3 Prysma10
Level Every 5↑
Reward Demon Coin10000