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Chidori Icon Cornerstone of Peace Chidori
Rarity 5★
Cost 20
Class Warrior
Weapon Blade
Growth Rate Slow (1000 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2300 2300
Level 60 7300 7300
Level 80 9300 9300
Affiliation Nine Territories of Fire
Job Master Fencer


Skill Quick Brandish: Scatter (Mana: 2)
"The slice of this blade will bring peace."
Deal twenty-five blows of light damage to all enemies in front of Chidori, then deal moderate damage and knock them back.
0.3x Damage per hit for light damage. 6.5x Damage for moderate damage.


Ability Patron Swordswoman - Requires: Little Cornerstone Village
◆ Immune to daze.
◆ Critical hits sometimes inflict daze.
◆ Attack power rises and damage taken falls when on the battlefield with a blade weapon-using ally.
For another's sake, she rejected "Genryusai", greatest of the Nine Territories in their prime.
Critical hits have a 10% chance to daze.
Attack power increases by 30% and damage taken decreases by 5% when on the battlefield with a blade-weapon using ally.
Blade of Love - Requires: As a Mother
◆ Gradually restore all blade weapon-using allies' HP, boost their attack power and movement speed, and reduce their damage taken when on the battlefield.
Her blade is used out of love for one reason, so that her daughter can have hope and peace.
Restore 120 HP every 4 seconds, attack power increases by 16.5%, movement speed increases by 20%, and damage taken decreases by 5% for all blade-weapon using allies when on the battlefield.
Chain Ability Secret Defense Techniques - Cost: 4
◆ Immune to daze.
◆ Critical hits sometimes inflict daze.
Critical hits have a 7% chance to daze.


A historical figure of the Nine Territories from two decades ago, transported into the present thanks to Razanil's power. She is the mother of Princess Tsuru and a hero to the Ogres. Even with fencing powers considered powerful amoung the ogres, she doesn't like combat and would rather resort to calmer means. She would only take up a blade when the Ninth Territory was in trouble, and she led the territory to many victories. Since her return, she has had the desire to protect the territory again, but she realizes that things are different from how they used to be, and is self-conscious about it.
Voice Kikuko Inoue
Illustrator Ilumine Works


Voice Lines
Sample "To kill is to be weak, and to spare is to be strong. Your blade is worthless if it is not used for others' protection."


How to Obtain
Subdue the Demon of Onyx Festival