Holy KingdomEdit

Free Quest Level AP Gold EXP EXP/AP Mission Hunt Chests Bonus
Vice Capital
Vice Capital Guard
1 4 400 250 62.5 Skeleton Otto IconPatricia (Uncommon) IconGold300Archer Enhancer I Icon1 Archer Enhancer II Icon1
City Lookout
1 4 400 250 62.5 Skeleton Greg IconGold300Arcana Coin200Soldier Enhancer I Icon1 Soldier Enhancer II Icon1
Winged Heights
Monster Extermination
1 4 400 250 62.5 Goblin Roberta (Common) IconArcana Coin200Knuckle (Common) IconKnight Enhancer I Icon1 Knight Enhancer II Icon1
Town of Fortitude
Beast Eradication
4 5 600 300 60 Dragon Katry IconArcana Coin200Latty (Uncommon) IconCleric Enhancer I Icon1 Cleric Enhancer II Icon1
Station Quarrel
4 5 500 300 60 Skeleton Carlo IconGold300Dusty (Uncommon) IconSoldier Enhancer I Icon1 Javelin Icon
Holy Capital
The Apprentice Knights
8 5 500 300 60 Bad Guys Beatrix IconArcana Coin200Albert IconKnight Enhancer I Icon1 Knight Enhancer II Icon1
Craggy Pass
Arrow Clouded Ridge
16 9 900 500 55.55 Skeleton Gold450Arcana Coin200Patricia (Uncommon) IconArcher Enhancer I Icon1 Long Bow Icon
Hideaway Village
Solid Precipice
19 10 1000 550 55 Skeleton + Golem Herman IconGold500Knight Enhancer I Icon140x40px Willow Wand Icon
Mystic Mountains
The Mighty Mystic Mountains
19 10 1000 550 55 Goblin + Giant Arcana Coin200Eidal IconWizard Enhancer I Icon1Club Crafter Icon1 Slave Club Icon
Mystic Mountains
Titan's Cave
80 1 Zaren Icon
Great Shrine
Attack of the Shadow Blade
8 6 600 350 58.33 Black Troops Arcana Coin200Anton IconKate IconCleric Enhancer I Icon1 Holy Rod Icon

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