Chain Stories (aka Chain Quests) are a significant component of Chain Chronicle. They are unlocked as you obtain the relevant key characters.

Each quest in a Chain Story comes with a relation chart. Besides forming part of the story, characters in the chart get a 1.5x attack bonus when used in a team against the quest. However, they are not required to unlock the quests.

All characters related to a Chain Story are drawn by the same illustrator.

Chain StoriesEdit

1. The Queen's Vengeance
2. The Competition for a Prize
Kaoru Hagiya
3. The Lost
Juliana (Original) Loretta (Original) Slay
4. The Earth Shakes
Ryota Murayama
5. The Two Heroes
Midori Foo
6. Death and Rebirth Suite
Shirako Mugi
Kiki Alvert Musica (Original)
7. Sea Breeze Ark
8. Sprite Warriors
9. Clergy of the Battlefield
Ballena (Original) Geada Adelle
10. The Ogre Blacksmith
Ryuu Tetusai
11. Magic Academy Finals
12. The Golden Witch
Oguma Karen Filiana (Original)
13. The Lady of Salvation
14. The Dreams of Maidens
15. The Conqueror's Ambition
Lilith (Original) Aoi Luke
16. The Glory of the Sea
17. The Children of the Sun
18. The Pure and the Guilty
Marena (Original) Garurua Lia
19. We are Healthy
Aya Izumi
20. Paradise Lost
Muni Griseldis Unknown


  • Each Chain Story has a unique completion reward.
  • Phoena is awarded after a certain amount of Chain Stories are completed. No specific Chain Stories have to be completed to get her.
    • The first copy is given after one chain story is completed.
    • The second is given after four chain stories are completed.
    • The third is given after seven chain stories are completed.
    • The fourth is given after ten chain stories are completed.
    • The final is given after twelve chain stories are completed.

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