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Cereza Icon Cherry Blossom Ent Cereza
Rarity 4★
Cost 12
Class Cleric
Weapon Holy
Growth Rate Fast (500 Base EXP)
Growth Type Normal
  Attack HP
Level 1 1850 1460
Level 50 5380 3900
Level 70 7180 5700
Affiliation Soul Island
Job Healer


Skill Photosynthesis (Mana: 1)
"Here's my best."
Restore a small amount of HP to all allies, and cure blind.
Restores health by 50% of Attack Power.


Ability Forest Combat
Attack power and movement speed rise, and damage taken falls when fighting in forests.
Attack power increases by 60%, movement speed increases by 30% and damage taken decreases by 25%.
Regeneration - Requires: Under the Cherry Blossoms
Gradually restores HP.
Restores 1% of HP every 3 seconds.
Chain Ability Full Bloom - Cost: 3
Attack power rises and damage taken falls when fighting in forests.


Profile A forest sprite associated with the Great Tree tribe who has begun merging with a cherry tree. Usually when a forest sprite begins merging with a tree, their personality becomes diluted and become less interested in talking to others. However, possibly because Cereza chose to merge with a cherry tree, a tree that is beloved as a herald of spring, she manages to retain her friendly personality.
Voice Maaya Uchida
Illustrator Taiki


Voice Lines
Sample Unknown


How to Obtain
Soul Island Tavern Recruit

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