Big-Game Hunt of the Land of Sin


Big-Game Hunts are events where certain types of enemies drop specific items that can be exchanged for various rewards, including Ultra Rare Arcana.

Similar to the War Chronicle, the event takes place in a unique map that's only available for the duration of the event and there's a questline to follow along with it. However, instead of gaining event points for completing quests, there's a small chance of encountering enemies carrying sacks or golden chests and running away from the battlefield.

These enemies drop the resources required to get both accumulation rewards and the exchange rewards in the shop. The accumulation reward requires a total of both items listed.


  • Only quests in the dedicated map will contain monsters who drop the resources.
  • After you complete all clear quests in a specific area in the map, a free quest will unlock in that location.
  • Enemies will have specific weapon type that they're weak against.
  • Two enemy types will be encountered throughout all the quests in the area, and both types will drop different resources and have different weaknesses.
  • Featured Support Festival recruits will have the weapon weakness of one of the two enemies and will also boost the amount of the resource obtained from that enemy.
  • The featured Ultra Rare for the event is given once upon completing the story.

Target RushEdit

A Target Rush has a chance to activate after the completion of any quest within the selected map. This will significantly increase the number of chest-carrying opponents in the next quest done within the map and will end immediately after. Otherwise, there is no time limit for when the quest has to be done.


Monster Resource Weakness Support Character
Hellhound Icon Wolf Claw Blade Forger Icon Zoe (Ultra Rare) Icon
Spider Icon Spider Thread Fist Forger Icon Vallie (Ultra Rare) Icon


Limit Breaks Stat Boost Item Multiplier
No Limit Breaks +100% HP 300%
1 Limit Break 325%
2 Limit Breaks 350%
3 Limit Breaks 375%
4 Limit Breaks 400%
Friend/Guest Support Character 100%

Exchange and Accumulation RewardsEdit

Item Price Limit Item Price Limit
Adelaide Icon Wolf Claw20000 2 Adelaide Icon Spider Thread20000 2
Rowendia (Ultra Rare) Icon Wolf Claw6000 1 Zael Icon Spider Thread6000 1
Roberta (Ultra Rare) Icon Wolf Claw40000 1 Roberta (Ultra Rare) Icon Spider Thread40000 1
Heavenly Feather IconBlade Wolf Claw10000 5 Heavenly Feather IconFist Spider Thread10000 5
Premium Ticket1 Wolf Claw7500 2 Premium Ticket1 Spider Thread7500 2
Golden TicketCrime Wolf Claw7500 2 Golden TicketCrime Spider Thread7500 2
Abyss Crystal1 Wolf Claw15000 5 Abyss Crystal1 Spider Thread15000 5
All5 Icon1 Wolf Claw500 3 All5 Icon1 Spider Thread500 3
Soldier Enhancer V Icon1 Wolf Claw2000 10 Soldier Enhancer V Icon1 Spider Thread2000 10
All5 Icon1 Wolf Claw3000 3 All5 Icon1 Spider Thread3000 3
All Enhancer III Icon1 Wolf Claw800 50 All Enhancer III Icon1 Spider Thread800 50
Rusty Sword Icon Wolf Claw1500 30 Rusty Fist Icon Spider Thread1500 30
Rusty Pistol Icon Wolf Claw1500 15 Rusty Pistol Icon Spider Thread1500 15
Stamina Fruit Slice1 Wolf Claw1800 50 Stamina Fruit Slice1 Spider Thread1800 50
All Enhancer III Icon1 Wolf Claw2000 Unlimited All Enhancer III Icon1 Spider Thread2000 Unlimited

Points 1050100200300400500600
Reward Stamina Fruit1 Stamina Fruit Slice1 Gold50000 All Enhancer III Icon1 Blacksmith1 Icon2 All Enhancer III Icon1 Gold50000 All Enhancer III Icon1
Points 70080090010001500200025003000
Reward Stamina Fruit Slice1 Revival Fruit1 All Enhancer III Icon1 Stamina Fruit Slice1 Prysma1 All Enhancer III Icon1 SR Limit Breaker Icon Stamina Fruit Slice1
Points 35004000450050006000700080009000
Reward Gold50000 Revival Fruit1 Stamina Fruit Slice1 Prysma1 Blacksmith1 Icon2 All Enhancer III Icon1 SR Limit Breaker Icon All Enhancer III Icon1
Points 1000011000120001300014000150001600017000
Reward Prysma1 Gold75000 All Enhancer III Icon1 Prysma1 Stamina Fruit1 SR Limit Breaker Icon All Enhancer III Icon1 Prysma1
Points 1800019000200002500030000350004000045000
Reward All4 Icon1 All Forger Icon1 Prysma1 All4 Icon1 SR Limit Breaker Icon Stamina Fruit1 All Forger Icon1 Prysma1
Points 5000060000700008000090000100000Every 20000↑
Reward All5 Icon1 Gold100000 Prysma1 Stamina Fruit1 All5 Icon1 Premium Ticket1 All5 Icon1