Event ListEdit

Event Image Event Description Event Date (M/D/Y)
Dusty's War Sale 6
Hello Captains,

Dusty is back with another war sale for the Volunteer Army! Help Dusty clear the quests that he has lined up for the Volunteer Army and be rewarded with weapons and enhancers.

Come and join the adventure as Chain Chronicle opens its gate for aspiring Captains! And to start off your journey, we will be giving away Arcana Enhancer 2* to everyone who likes our official Facebook page at Ongoing
Past Events
Event Image Event Description Event Date (M/D/Y)
Monster Extermination
Hello Captains,

It’s time to take the fight to the monsters plaguing Yggdra and drive them away. Exterminate the vermin and take back the land from the Black Army!

New Advent Celebration
Hello Captains,

Celebrate with everyone in Yggdra with Festive Events to commemorate our 2 million downloads and welcome the Advent of the New Year

Demon Hannya
This festive season, an unexpected adversary has appear and threatens to spoil the celebrations in Yggdra.

Rally the Volunteer Army and get ready to Save the Holy Night!

Holy Night Festival 2
Hello Captains,

Global Exclusive Festive allies are here to safeguard the Holy Night celebrations in Yggdra! Recruit these talented allies now and lead the Volunteer Army in safeguarding Holy Night!

Monette's Tower
Hello Captains,

Monette is trapped in a Tower while she was preparing a Banquet for the Volunteer Army. Clear the monster hordes and liberate Yggdra’s favorite waitress!

Rescue Monette Support Festival
Hello Captains,

Allies have responded to Monette’s call for help from across Yggdra. Recruit these talented allies now and lead the Volunteer Army to liberate Yggdra’s most popular waitress!

Monette's One Year Anniversary Party!
Hello Captains,

It’s been a year since the Volunteer Army started their fight against the Black Army and defend Yggdra. Monette has put together a party for the Volunteer Army to enjoy on this special occasion.

Grand Renaissance Festival
Hello Captains,

Global Exclusive characters are back for a limited time only. Recruit these talented allies now!

Dusty's War Sale 5
Hello Captains,

Dusty is back with another war sale for the Volunteer Army! Help Dusty clear the quests that he has lined up for the Volunteer Army and be rewarded with weapons from the Event Missions.

Gun of Ages
Hello Captains,

A brand new weapon type has been introduced to Yggdra! Try them out or join in the quest to obtain a rare Gun for yourself!

Gun Range Festival
Hello Captains,

All new characters wielding heavy firepower have arrived to aid the volunteer army! Recruit these talented new allies now!

Fortune Festivities
Hello! Captains,

Our Volunteer Army heroes have bested the Black Knight, and are preparing to venture in their adventures in Yggdra. Come celebrate the wonderful feats of the Volunteer Army by enjoying great fortunes.

Limited Offer for First Time Spenders. Get an additional 10% Prysma Bonus by buying Prysma first time. Available from August 31, 2015 to September 6, 2015

Festive Exchange Tickets will also be available for 3 months and you can use these tickets to trade in for Fortune Festivities featured characters. Trade in 130 Festive Ticket to get 5 copies of Global Exclusive character Guardian of the Tome Liam

The Great Sages' Challenge
Hello Captains,

Let’s strengthen the Volunteer Army by logging in daily and helping them train! Login daily during this event period for double the Daily Login bonus, and train hard in the quests to level up your allies!

The Great Sages' Challenge Festival
Hello Captains,

The Volunteer Army is training hard to strengthen themselves and push beyond their current limits. Recruit more members into the Volunteer Army to grow from strength to strength.

Battle Rumble Festival
Hello Captains,

Chain Chronicle Global Exclusives are arriving to help out the Volunteer Army. Take this chance to recruit Passionate Battler Ronda and Stonewall Champion San-San to strengthen your Army.

Monster Beatdown
Hello Captains,

Monsters are rampaging and raiding towns in Yggdra. Lead the Volunteer Army to beat some sense into them. Great prizes await those who restore order to the land.

The Great Sage's Treasure Hunt
Hello Captains,

All that glitters is gold. Use the brilliant minds in the Volunteer Army to outsmart Demon Hatifas Invasion : The Great Sage's Treasure Hunt!

Great knowledge will help you obtain a fortune of Gold to help fund the Volunteer Army, and purchase more food for Pirika!.

Promising Recruits Festival
Hello Captains,

New recruits have traveled from from far and wide to join the Volunteer Army in their fight against the Black Army.

Take this chance to recruit Golden Lion Knight Leaho and other powerful allies to strengthen your Army.

The Fragment of Truth & The Shard of Reality
Hello Captains,

Disturbing reports of various libraries and archives being sacked have reached the Volunteer Army. Suspecting that this might be the prelude to something more sinister, the Volunteer Army heads out to investigate.

Demon Hatifas
Corrupted by the destruction of her own homeland, a once-great sage has been turned into the Demon of Truth Hatifas.

Obsessed with seeing the end of the world, Hatifas will stop at nothing until she seizes the Chronicle and attempt to see the end all things.

Subdue the Demon of Truth
Hello Captains,

As Hatifas destroys everything in her path while she tries to seize the Chronicle from Phoena, a new ally arrives to join in the fight against the Demon of Truth. Take this opportunity to recruit Remaining Fragment Hati who comes equipped with her weapon, Slab of Truth.

Pumpkin Panic!
Hello Captains,

It’s Halloween in Yggdra and to celebrate the festivities with everyone, exclusive SR character Withered Wand Witch Shaly is here for a limited time in “Pumpkin Panic”.

Spooky Pumpkin Festival
Hello Captains,

Halloween has come to Yggdra and as the Volunteer Army prepares to watch over the festivities, some new allies arrive to join in the fun!

Take this opportunity to recruit Exclusive Halloween Characters that will only be available this Festival!

A Crimson Haunting
Hello Captains,

As the Halloween festivities start in Yggdra, The Volunteer Army comes across a red manor where rumor has it that people have seen mysterious shadows and mysterious bloodstains on the windows. Join the Volunteer Army as they venture in to find out what lurks in “The Crimson Manor”.

A Volunteer Army Story
As the Volunteer Army takes a break from their adventures, they meet Patricia who has organized a big event to lift everyone’s spirits! 10/19/15-10/25/15
Chain Story Festival 4
Hello Captains,

Experience stories of the many characters in Yggdra. Take this opportunity to obtain more Chain Story Characters and delve deeper into the eventful world of Chain Chronicle.

The Gallant Festival
Hello Captains,

Meet the exclusive new recruits! Gallant Rider Garret is here to save the day while Tenacious Blacksmith Lorna arms the Volunteer Army to the teeth!

The Tenacious Fighters
Hello Captains,

The Volunteer Army has tracked down the whereabouts of two powerful weapons and are on the hunt to reclaim them for the fight against the Black Army. Bandits and monsters are all the remain between them and the prized weapons. Blow away your enemies and claim them for the Volunteer Army!

Beach Party Festival
Hello Captains,

Head down to the beach and meet a brand new group of colorful and powerful allies! The heroes of the sea have arrived, so grab this chance to recruit them and strengthen your Volunteer Army!

Fight Back the Sea Beasts
An invasion of hardy crabs have swarmed onto the beach and the Volunteer Army has been assigned to help clear the invasion. Rising to the challenge, Pirika has her bib on and is ready to dig in. 10/5/15-10/11/15
Version 2 Pre-registration
Brave New Continent pre-registration is now open. Pls. visit to win prizes everyday until the event pre-registration date ends. Prepare for battle and new journey as we explore a new continent in the land of Yggdra.

The following rewards info can be found on this page

The Relentless Conquest
A group of nasty villains have sent an assault against the White Lily knight Rowendia in an attempt to break her down. 9/28/15-10/4/15
Festival of Warriors
Hello Captains,

Recruit powerful warriors and honourable knights to help bash through the endless onslaught of enemies the Volunteer Army faces everyday!

Rescontructing the City Festival
Hello Captains,

Head to the Tavern to meet new recruits to aid the Volunteer Army in reviving the Vice Capital! Rebuild the city with the help of all in Yggdra.

Revive the City
About Revive the City:

Defense Council Leader is preparing to repair the damage done to the Vice Capital by the Demon Rasphia during her previous rampage.

Demon Rasphia
Distraught with the fragility of human lives, Rasphia was a master of life magic searching for a way to defeat death and grant immortality.

Face with failure after failure, Rasphia has turned to the dark arts and joined the Black Army to experiment with souls.

Subdue the Demon of Departed Souls

Hello! Captains Prepare for the battle against the Demon of Departed Souls by recruiting strong allies to aid you! For a limited duration, meet the new ally One-Eyed Swordswoman Aurora who comes equipped with the Salvation Blade that deals extra damage during raid battles against Rasphia.

Lurking in the Graveyard
The dead walks among the living as the Demon of Departed Souls searches for more corpses. The Volunteer Army has summoned their courage to wander the graveyards to stop the hordes of undead and stop them before they flood the Vice Capital! 9/7/15-9/20/15
The Enchanted Battles
The Black Army is using new tactics and troops in their attacks and the Volunteer Army stands ready for any challenges that the Black Army throws at them! 9/7/15-9/13/15
Word of the Day
Greetings Captains!

A new challenge from Pirika awaits all our brave Captains in Yggdra! Can you form out Pirika's Word of the Day to win prizes!

Forum Event Link:

Festival of Fortune
Massive boost to SR and UR drop rates during this limited time recruitment event. 8/31/15-9/6/15
Defending Einslotte
The honorable Holy Guard Commander Einslotte meets the Volunteer Army for the first time, and offers his services to protect the innocents in Holy Capital. 8/31/15-9/6/15
To celebrate 1.5 Million Downloads of Chain Chronicle game app, captains will be treated VIP in this limited time offer by giving away double the rewards from daily log-in bonuses. At the same time, main stories will also have AP cost reduction.

For more info, pls. visit

Sage's Tower Festival
Hey! Captains

Visit Sage Tower on your journey in Yggdra and recruit allies to join you.

During this festival, the recruitment rates of all SR and UR wizards increase. For more info,

Monette's Tavern Party

Monette has invited the Volunteer Army to join party at her tavern and use this opportunity ato recruit more allies that will help you throughout your journey in Yggdra.

During this event, all Taverns in Yggdra will have an additional chance to recruit new allies. Recruit 10 allies and gain a bonus of not just one, but bonus arcana with the limited time 10+2 recruitment.

For more info, pls. visit

Black Army Assault 2
The Black Army is camping near Sage's tower and this made Guild Alliance Sub-Leader Selene anxious. In order to ensure the safety of the citizens and tower itself, she asked for the Volunteer Army's assistance. At the same time, Isaiah just had an idea and use this opportunity to test his magical charm. 8/24/15-8/30/15
The Best Ally
Greetings Captains!

It's time for the Grand showdown between the two (2) opposing sides and it's up to you to choose who's going to be your Best Ally!

Vote for Selena or Elza and win a prize!!! For more info, pls. visit

Braving the New Frontier
Join this Brave Frontier and Chain Chronicle Collaboration event and win prizes. Please visit the forum link for more info. 8/17/15-8/23/15
Subdue the Demon of Bariura
Hello Captains,

Prepare for the battle against the Demon of Bariura by recruiting strong allies to aid you! For a limited duration, meet the new ally Savat Chieftess Selena!

Demon Elza
Ravaged by the loss of her sister Alice, Elza became filled with insurmountable grief. At that moment, she discovered the hidden power of her father’s great scythe.

Wielding the scythe, its power chips away at the user’s heart but will help absorb a vast amount of souls.

Blinded by the need to return her sister to life, Elza travels far and wide to collect as many souls as she can.

Chain Chronicle Fan Art Contest
Show off your artistic flare by sharing your best Chain Chronicle Global Fanart with us, and stand to win prizes! Draw the best Chain Chronicle Global character you can think of and you may even see it in the game someday!

Forum Link:

Defense Drill 2
Hey Captains!

Guild Leader Silva's Defense Drill is back. Train hard and level up by defeating a large horde of monsters.

Blade of Ice and Roses
Meet the exclusive Savat Chieftess Selena and aid her to retrieve her famed blade! Prepare for the battles against the incoming raid! 8/10/15-8/23/15
Summer Daily Questing
Hey Captains!

Summer is here in Yggdra! To beat off the heat, all Daily Quests will have an AP cost reduction in Dawning!

T/his is the perfect chance to obtain additional enhancers and gold.

Holy Queen Festival

Hello Captains!

The Holy Queen will be visiting the Holy Capital again! If you missed a chance to recruit her to your Volunteer Army before, grab this new chance to try and meet her!

Together with the Holy Knights, Juliana will help to protect the Holy Kingdom!

Golem Rampage

Golem Rampage

A dangerous group of golems have wandered into the Vice Capital, recklessly destroying homes and endangering the lives of the townsfolk.

The new heroes that have just arrived in Yggdra has stepped up to protect everyone!

Ladies of the Blade
A blade in the right soldier’s hands can become an extremely deadly weapon! Obtain a Rank A Blade evolver by clearing the toughest of challenges! 7/13/15-7/19/15
Demon Sapras
The scent of delicious food has drawn Pirika towards a small town but something is amiss. The townsfolk are all in a strange daze.

With Brewery’s help, the Volunteer Army steps forth to stop the Demon of Nourishment Sapras from sharing her dangerous full course meal!

Delicious Temptation
About the Delicious Temptation Quests

The Volunteer Army stops by a village for a short break before continuing their journey, but something is amiss with this town.

The people are acting strange as if in a daze. Always ready to help, Pirika starts her investigation!

Festival of Knowledge and Brilliance
Meet 2 new characters in the Festival of Knowledge – the bright assassin Lucrezia whose arrows will never fail to meet her targets, and Chiwa the adorable earth sprite mage that you just want to pet! 6/22/15-6/28/15
Fire Sprite Abduction
Chiwa is so irresistibly cute that she has been targeted by kidnappers, ready to sell her as an attraction! Stop the kidnappers with the help of the bright assassin Lucrezia and protect Chiwa. 6/22/15-6/28/15
Road to Crafting
Greetings Captains!

Are you an expert when it comes to looking for a good weapon? Then gather your Blacksmiths and head towards the Road to Crafting!

Share with us your favorite Blacksmith weapon and stand a chance to obtain Crafting Fragment rewards!

Capturing the Maiden's Monarch
Help Rino get her unique weapon from the vicious thieves and monsters. A repeatable quest, Rino's Training, is available. Also, a clear quest is available throughout the event date and get the Monarch's Scepter as the final reward. 6/15/15-6/21/15
Rino's Maiden Festival
New Global Exclusive recruit, Rino, is available on this festival. 6/15/15-6/21/15
Fog of Dreams

As our brave heroes venture deep into the forest, a strange fog appears. Now lost and faced with imminent danger, will Ballena redeem herself as the world-class forest guide? More importantly, will everyone be able to leave the forest alive?

Chain Story Festival 3
Attention Captains!!! The Chain Story Festival is back. Featuring the two latest Chain Stories, the Golden Witch and Death and Rebirth Suite! 6/9/15-6/14/15
Goblin Treasure Hunt 2
The Goblins are back and they are as annoying as ever. Help retrieve the stolen prysmas and be rewarded with a part of their stolen goods. 6/12/15-6/15/15
The Demon Ael Glun hasn't given up. She continues to bring more of her legions and the more she is conquered the stronger she gets. Raise your Legia, Leadran Pike, and Dragon Pike Klindran and make her submit to stop this ominous threat in the land of Yggdra. 6/1/15-6/8/15
Subdue the Demon of Lightning
Holy Queen Juliana and Fee Gleah will be available on this event recruitment and equipped with powerful weapons such as Dragon Pike Klindran or Legia that has an increase damage during the Ael Glun demon raids. 5/25/15-6/8/15
The Bolt Hurling One-Winged Dragon Knight
The Bolt Hurling One-Winged Dragon Knight

The Demon of Lightning Ael Glun has arrived in a conquest and must be stopped. With the help of Fee Gleah let's halt her advance and prevent her from bringing havoc towards the land of Yggdra.

The Mystic Forest Hunt
Join the hunt for crafting fragments at the mystic forest to create powerful weapons. On this event, the ap cost will be lowered from 15 to 12 each section runs.

Also, get a chance to win some prizes by joining on the mystic forest hunt event found at

Check out these limited time bundles brought to you by Merchant Envy

For more information, please visit

Battle Cry of the Holy Knights
Let your battle cry roar out and have the Black Army troops quaking in their boots. Join our brave Holy Knights in their training to strengthen your army. 5/18/15-5/24/15
US Armed Forces Day

In honor of the military in service on US Armed Forces Day, we would like to bring you an event that will give you a chance to win a Knight Enhancer to help speed up the Knight's growth and gain more strength to fight against the black army's legion.

Ogre Blossom Festival
Greetings Captains!

We’re excited to introduce 2 brand new EXCLUSIVE characters to Chain Chronicle Global! Join Hannya and Mei in Yggdra and discover their stories as they travel with the Volunteer Army.

Rescuing Mei
As Mei travels across Yggdra to perform for the wary and hardworking heroes, a group of ruffians and bandits ambushes her.. The brave Volunteer Army jumps in to rescue her and ensure her safety! 5/11/15-5/17/15
Gauntlet Marathon
Share your strategy and post your key character to overcome the challenges given on Sage Gauntlet. Top 12 key characters will be selected and among those who used a key character on the top 12 list will have a chance to win 1,000 honor tokens.

For more info, pls. visit

War Chronicle
War Chronicle

Assemble your army and take back the black fortress. Earn conquest points and win some cool rewards. At the same time, an additional rewards will be given depending on your conquest rank.

For more info,

Rescue Party Festival
New heroes are available to aid you in your journey to fight the Black Army. Featuring new recruits Carmelo,Shakti,Symphonia,Mimu and Yawood

For more info:

Black Army Siege
Break the Black Army Siege

In preparation for the War Chronicle event, several quests will appear at Dawning which will reward you with awesome rewards such as Prysma, Fortune Rings and more.

Dusty's War Sale 4
Dusty's War Sale 4

Dusty's War Sale is back again. Yolde has told Dusty to collect the materials in Nine Territories of Fire to create his new weapon. But it ain't gonna be easy specially with monsters lurking around. During this event, monsters will appear at Dawning which will help you assemble your party with powerful weapons you can use to defeat these monsters.

Yggdra's Most Wanted Festival
The top class characters is ready for recruitment. Recruit these most desired characters and them to your volunteer army with 5x drop rate during this Yggdra's Most Wanted Festival for a limited time only.

Armilus, daughter of a cult founder who was engulfed in her need to be loved is on a rampage. Stop and defend the holy kingdom from her attacks and along with the mages by your side, increase the damage dealt on this battle by equipping them with a Temperance Wand.

Captain's Raid Diary
Greetings Captains!

The raging battle against the Black Army’s Demons begins! Show off how far ahead in the raid battle you have gotten and win bonus rewards.

Magic Academy Festival 2
Recruit mages during the Magic Academy Festival 2 featuring Filiana equipped with Temperance Wand that increases the wielders damage on Armilus demon raid event.

Snow Mountain Festival
Recruit some powerful allies that can easily adapt to any extreme weather condition. At the same time, harness the power to deal more damage to enemies by having the opposite element (ice or fire) as what recruited allies have. 4/6/15-4/12/15
Snowy Mountain Trials
In preparation for colder battle zones, Guild Captain Silva requests for more training in the snow-covered mountain regions of Yggdra. 4/06/15-4/12/15
Goblin Treasure Hunt
The goblins have gone too far by raiding the Holy Kingdom’s reserves of Prysma! Hunt down the nasty goblins and be rewarded with a part of their stolen goods! 4/04/15-4/13/15
Golem Hunt
Defeat the Runaway Golems!

Melchior has been testing to build golems to change the tide of battle against Black Army. Unfortunately, his miscalculation of the formula caused the golems to go out of control. Luckily, Melchior saw the Volunteer Army on the spot and requested for them to put a stop on these rampaging golems.

Patricia's Egg Hunt
Happy Eastern Captains!

It’s time for your all-time favorite EGG HUNT event! Help Patricia and the kids search for the eggs in different cities of Yggdra and be awarded with cool prizes. For more info, pls. visit

Easter Sale 2015
Stock up on delicious chocolate eggs (or Stamina Fruits and Revival Fruits) this Easter Special with the new great Bundles! 3/30/15-4/05/15
Golem Festival
Recruit top fighters for your Volunteer Army, and gain strength to defeat the powerful runaway golems. Grab this chance to also meet brand new characters and add them to your party!

Easter Energy Surprise
Celebrate Eastern Sunday by logging in on April 5, 2015 in game to claim one FREE Stamina Fruit which will be delivered in your gift box. 4/05/15
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Hello Captains!!! Through out your journey in the world of yggdra, you have met many friends and allies along the way. Now, it's time for you to get rewarded depending on the number of allies you have recruited. Pls. visit the link at for more info. 3/1/15 - 3/31/15
Rookie Training Quest
Guild Leader Silva has brought up another training session that are specially made for beginners. During this event duration, limited quests will be added to Dawning. A perfect way to gain EXP and increase your player EXP. Head straight into the battle and win some awesome rewards. 3/23/15-3/29/15
Chain Festival 2
Chain Story Festival 2 is here for a limited time period. Discover the intricate stories behind each of the characters in Yggdra. Clear the quests to obtain Fortune Rings, rare arcana and even Rank A weapons! 3/23/15-3/29/15
Black Army Assault
The Black King has started to mobilize his troops against the Holy Kingdom. In an effort to stop the possible invasion and plague brought by these monstrous creatures, the Guild Alliance requested the Volunteer Army to assist on the defense. For each quest cleared, you will be rewarded a Lv.4 enhancer. Then,on the Final Assault Day get a chance to win Coropatillon as a reward. 3/16/15 - 3/24/15
Assault Festival
With the strong Black Army troops assault, many strong fighters have gathered. Recruit powerful fighters that can deal wide-spread damage to assist your battles! Visit for more info. 3/16/15 - 3/22/15
Black Army Ambush
While the Black Army assaults the city, a new wave of enemies attempts to attack the Vice Capital from the back. Fortunately, Pirika has spotted their ambush attempt. Our brave warriors turn to face a tough battle ahead. 3/17/15 - 3/20/15
White Day Festival
One month has passed from Valentine's Day and now it's time for the gentlemen to repay the kindness and heartfelt gifts that they receive. In this White Day Festival, get your chance to recruit the brothers Yoshitsugu and Yoshikage who have reigned the Second Territory of Fire. 3/9/15-3/15/15
Dusty's War Sale 3
Hello Captains!!! Dusty is back for another Weapon sale. Iris will be helping him to make some profits for herself. Powerful weapons such as Deathtail will be added on the quest. Let's gear up and make our allies stronger by equipping them with powerful weapons. 3/2/15-3/9/15
Defense Drill
Guild Captain Silva's Defense Drill.

Let us join in on Guild Leader Silva's defense drill in order to better defend the holy kingdom and defeat some nasty monsters at the same time. During this event, you will gain more EXP than regular quest battles. A great way to gain more experience for your characters and your player rank.

Coropatillon Demon Raid.

A woman with blackened soul who has turned into a demon is on the rampage. Let us join together to put a stop on her raging attacks. Defeat Coropatillon in the raid battles and obtain her arcana card. Also, equip your characters with a powerful Liberation Sword with Light's Release ability in which increases the damage dealt during these battles.

Valentine's Day Quest Chocolate Panic

Schule's divine chocolate are attracting monsters to dawning. Put a stop to the raging magical chocolate monsters and protect dawning for a chance to win Choco Wand as a reward. Also, celebrate the Valentine Festival and recruit lovely ladies to join the Volunteer Army and together fight the forces of evil brought by the Black Army.

Prove your purity to Rhuana and the Pure Hearts Knight Order and receive great rewards such as the Assassin Blade! 1/14/15 - 1/31/15
Now is the right time to show off your allies' ultimate force. Join our event and present to every one what it takes to be a great Captain of Yggdra! 1/14/15 - 1/31/15
The Black Army is sending in one of its elites! Defeating her would give great rewards! Captains, are you and your friends strong enough to defeat her? 1/19/15 - 1/25/15
Magic Academy Festival
Five (5) new Cadets have been added to the Sage’s Tower Tavern. Get a higher change of obtaining the new Cadets at the Tavern, only during this Magic Academy Midterms! 1/12/15 - 1/18/15
Magic Academy Midterms
During the event, the Wizard’s Trial quests will be added to Dawning. A different quest will appear each day during the event period. Obtain all Magic related arcana including Enhancers and Magic Weapons! 1/12/15 - 1/18/15
Dusty will be in Dawning during the event period. Collect seven different weapons such as Kotetsu, Zweihander, Battle axe, Duel Lance, Forest Bow, Ash Wand, and Narke Rod. 1/5/15 - 1/11/15
A brand new year begins for Yggdra! Let's all celebrate with some amazing Prysma deals and fantastic events! 5* Rate-up event and bonus prysma! 12/29/14 - 1/4/15
Year-End Quest
During the event, the Year-End quests will be added to Dawning. The treasure chests will contain rare and limited weapon arcana only available during this event! 12/29/14 - 1/4/15
New Year's Quest
Spend New Year with the Volunteer Army! New stories added daily until the New Year! 12/28/14 - 1/1/15
Holy Night Festival
There’s a great feast, singing and dancing all through the night! Silva has requested for our help to protect the Holy Capital from any attacks. Let’s keep everyone safe during the holidays!

12/22/14 - 12/28/14
Gain more EXP from the battles to grow your characters and player rank! 12/22/14 - 12/28/14
During the event, Goblin Extermination quests will be added to Dawning. A different quest will appear each day during the event period. The treasure chest will contain valuable items such as: Fortune Rings, Weapon Enhancers, and even a Rare Mystical Archer Korona (3*) 12/15/14 - 12/21/14
Welcome to the world of Yggdra! To celebrate the upcoming official global release of Chain Chronicle, we will be giving away Prysma rewards for one whole week! For one whole week, we will giving away 10 FREE Prysma daily when you login. 12/11/14 - 12/17/14
In need of Arcanas for strengthening your characters? Make haste to Dawning as Dusty's War Sale is here to give you the chance to obtain a Weapon Arcana starting December 8, 2014 to December 14, 2014! 12/8/14 - 12/14/14
Captains! Want to know the latest game update, events and even get FREE in-game presents? LIKE our Facebook page and visit this link! 12/25/14
Toughen up your party, Captains! Aim high, level more and be rewarded! And all we need you to do is show us your ranks! Join Battle Hardened Captains and get the chance to win Premium Ticket, Stamina Fruit and more! 12/8/14 - 12/31/14
Fight your way through the monster lanes and remember to log your momentous battles! Share with us any of your hard fought battles and be rewarded! 12/5/14 - 12/19/14
Expand your Army and recruit more Heroes with the Black Friday Special! During the special promo period get 1 Premium Ticket for when you purchase 140 Prysma for USD 9.99 from the Shop and take advantage of the doubled chance to get 4* and 5* Premium Recruits in all Taverns. 11/28/14 - 12/1/14
Hand-in-hand, let us build a stronger Volunteer Army to repel the dark forces that is slowly budding in the land of Yggdra. Recruit more aspiring Captains and be generously rewarded! You can do so by inviting your friends to visit and like our Facebook page - Completed
Welcome to the world of Yggdra! To celebrate the upcoming official global release of Chain Chronicle, we will be giving away Prysma rewards for one whole week! For one whole week, we will giving away 10 FREE Prysma daily when you login. 11/1/14 - 12/11/14