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Alice (Chibi)

Alice (Chibi) Icon Demon King-Fighting Sealer Alice
Rarity 5★
Cost 18
Class Magician
Weapon Impact
Growth Rate Slow (1000 Base EXP)
  Attack HP
Level 1 2240 2040
Level 60 6940 5540
Level 80 8940 7540
Affiliation Sage's Tower
Job Chibi Character


Skill Grand Spearage (Mana: 2)
"This is all the power that I hold!"
[Combo] Deal moderate damage to all surrounding enemies, then temporarily boost own movement speed and shorten the interval between attacks.
11x Damage. Movement speed increases by 30% and the interval between attacks decreases to 1.05 seconds for 25 seconds.


Ability Miss Optimistic
◆ Melee attacks deal more than proper damage in physical damage and the interval between them is shortened, but ranged attacks deal less damage.
◆ Attack power, movement speed, and critical hit rate rise and damage taken falls when in the enemy zone.
Melee attacks deal 130% normal damage in physical damage and the interval between melee attacks decreases to 1.5 seconds, but ranged attacks deal 50% normal damage.
Attack power increases by 35%, movement speed increases by 30%, critical hit rate increases by 50%, and damage taken decreases by 15% when in the enemy zone.
Lil' Hero Alice
◆ Start battles with one mana.
◆ Temporarily boost a random Vice Capital ally's attack power and movement speed at the start of each wave.
Attack power increases by 20% and movement speed increases by 30% for a random Sage's Tower ally for 20 seconds each wave.
Party Ability
◆ Boost all magician allies' attack power and reduce their damage taken when on the battlefield.
Attack power increases by 15% and damage taken decreases by 10% for all magician allies when on the battlefield.
Chain Ability Positive Reinforcement - Cost: 4
◆ More likely to gain two or more mana from mana slots.
3% more likely to gain two mana, and 1% more likely to gain three from mana slots.


Voice Yurika Takagi
Illustrator チェインクロニクル3 1st Anniversary


Voice Lines
Sample "I'll become a great magician for sure... I want to protect everyone!"
Learned Skill Used "I was taught this awesome move!"
Affection Level Up "Hehe, I think it's really fun to be around you."
"Can you help me get stronger? ...Umm, I would really appreciate it!"
Favorite "Hey, hey, hey!"
"I won't lose..!"
"Okay, let's do our best today as well!"


How to Obtain
Part Three Chibi Character Festival

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