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Aina Icon Apprentice Craftswoman Aina
Rarity 4★
Cost 12
Class Warrior
Weapon Blunt
Growth Rate Fast (500 Base EXP)
Growth Type Late
  Attack HP
Level 1 1950 1980
Level 50 5000 4980
Level 70 6800 6780
Affiliation Maze Pass
Job Smith


Skill Dash Press (Mana: 2)
"Try this."
Dash attack one enemy at the vanguard, dealing moderate damage and inflicting daze.
8x Damage.


Ability Cavern Combat
◆ Attack power and movement speed rise and damage taken falls when fighting on caves/ruins terrain.
Attack power increases by 60%, movement speed increases by 40%, and damage taken decreases by 20% when on caves/ruins terrain.
Ambitious Training
◆ Gain more experience from battles.
You train morning, noon, and night so that you may become a top-tier blacksmith.
Gain 10% more character experience.
Chain Ability Earthly Intuition - Cost: 3
◆ Attack power rises and damage taken falls when fighting on caves/ruins terrain.
Attack power increases by 20% and damage taken decreases by 10% when on caves/ruins terrain.


Profile A human who’s come to the earth sprites asking to train to become a first-rate blacksmith. At first, the earth sprites disliked her, but she’s since built strong bonds of trust. Whenever humans cause trouble, she is brought in as negotiator.
Voice Ayane Sakura
Illustrator Yoshiku


Voice Lines
Sample "I only do what I want to keep doing."


How to Obtain
Maze Pass Tavern Recruit

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