The Global version of Chain Chronicle recognizes a number of achievements via the underlying platform's game services (Google Play on Android and Game Center on iOS). These achievements, however, provides no in-game rewards.

For the achievements system in version 2 that does provide rewards, see Mission System.



iOS Android
Join Volunteer Army Complete tutorial
Rookie Hero Reach player Rank 10
Amateur Hero Reach player Rank 20
Fortune Teller Use normal Recruit X10 or more
Arcana Enhancer Enhance with 5 or more Arcana[sic]
Weapon Enhance Enhance all weapon types once X
Great Success! Great Success during Enhancement X
Limit Break Limit Break a character 4 times X
Trained Party Have a Party with all characters at Level 15 or above X
Mixed Party Use a party with one of each character role

("Rainbow team"; not usually recommended)

Unified Party Use a party with all of the same character role

(Mono team)

Regular Battle Win a battle with difficulty 10 without Special Moves X
Last Hero Win a battle with only one character left X
Perfect Battle Win a battle without any injuries

(Without taking any damage at all)

Strong Guard Survive 10 or more Waves of battle in the Quest X
Special Master Use Special Moves for each type of character class at least once X
Special Chain #1 Achieve a Special Move X3 Chain
Special Chain #2 Achieve a Special Move Max Chain
Defeat Skeleton Soldiers Defeat 30 Skeleton Soldiers X
Defeat Goblins Defeat 30 Goblins X
Defeat Black Army Soldiers Defeat 30 Black Army Soldiers X
Defeat Evil Humans Defeat 30 Evil Humans X
Defeat Golems Defeat 5 Golems X
Defeat Giants Defeat 2 Giants X
Defeat Beasts Defeat 30 Beasts X
Defeat Magical Creatures Defeat 30 Magical Creatures X
Defeat Ghosts Defeat 30 Ghosts X
Defeat Lizardmen Defeat 30 Lizardmen X
Defeat Treants Defeat 30 Treants X
Defeat Demons Defeat 30 Demons X
Defeat Dragons Defeat 5 Dragons X
Defeat Mermen Defeat 30 Mermen X
Battle Bonus! Achieve all bonuses during battle

(Time Bonus, No Casualties Bonus, Special Finish Bonus)

Treasure Hunter Open 50 Treasure Chests X
Forming Allies Add up to 10 allies as friends X

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